winter 2010

A great moment of pleasure for the editor of a literary journal is when a piece by a well-known and established writer rises from the depths of the stacks. On first read, the editor is thrilled with the author’s story or poem, engaged with his language, and edified by her acute and original perception of the world. Instantly you know this is a keeper. It is a great find and a good day in the life of an editor.
However, this issue is not about big names. It is about an even greater pleasure—finding an author who is new to the literary scene, who has a fresh perspective, language, and voice.
It is to the unknown this issue is dedicated. Many of the authors you will find here are seeing print in a national literary journal, including two upperclassmen from Brevard College, for the first time. Take down these new writers’ names and commit them to memory, because you will see those monikers in your local bookstore in the future.
As always, thanks go out to the people who make this journal happen: members of the editorial board, Lonnie Busch for layout and design, subscribers, submitters, and patrons. Thanks again to Brevard College for giving us a place to hang our hat and enrolling some great writers in our program.
On a final note, this issue also acknowledges the memory of Dan Daniel (1944-2009)—teacher, mentor, friend, and fine poet. He will be missed. It is also dedicated to the freshest voices I know—Olivia and Griffin.


Phillip Gardner | The Looking Game
Gary L. Bishop | Hood’s River
Elana Bauman-Carbrey | Gertrude and the Quarry Men
Susan Snowden | Choked Up
Jocelyn Ashworth | Berry Black
Christiana Louisa Langenberg | Standing in for God


Curtis Bauer, Sebastian Matthews, Ryan Walsh | from Walking the Morning Line: A Year of Correspondence Between Three Poets
Susan White | Eggs


Alex Grant | The Strongman
Alex Grant | The Dwarf
Cathy Allman | A Review From Heaven to my Children
Teegan Dykeman | Fog
Thomas Rain Crowe | Free Will
Thomas Rain Crowe | Chaos Theory
Caleb Beissert | Like Sheol
Caleb Beissert | The Jericho Bird
Gene Auprey | Heights Attained
Gene Auprey | Winter Fare
Naton Leslie | The Catnap
Kathleen Groll Connolly | Memories of a Tree

Cover Art ”Blue Donuts” by Lonnie Busch


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