Department of Humanities,

Brevard College, Brevard NC 28712. (828)577-8324.

E-mail: tinerjj@brevard.edu

Contact: Jubal Tiner

Pisgah Review publishes primarily literary short fiction, creative nonfiction and poetry. Our only criterion is quality of work; we look for the best. The journal does give a small preference to work that is based evocatively on place, but we will look at any work of quality."

We read all year long.

Needs: Ethnic/multicultural, experimental, literary, mainstream. Special interests: stories rooted in the theme of place—physical, psychological, or spiritual. Does not want genre fiction or inspirational stories.


Receives 150 mss/month. Accepts 6-8 mss/issue; 12-15 mss/year. Publishes 5 new writers/year.

Published Ron Rash, Steve Almond David Joy Christiana Langenburg, Gary Fincke, Phillip Gardener.


Fiction and Creative Nonfiction submission length: 2,000 words (min)-7,500 words (max). Average length: 4,000 words. Publishes short shorts. Average length of short shorts: 1,000 words.


Poetry: 3-5 poems per submission.


Sometimes comments on/critiques rejected mss.

Print Journal with electronic archive: 6 X 12, 120 pages. Includes cover photograph.

Check out submissions tab for how to submit. Submission manager is coming back online soon!

Payment and Terms: Writers receive 2 contributor's copies. Additional copies $7. Pays on publication. Acquires first North American serial rights. Sends galleys to author if requested. Publication is copyrighted.

Advice "We select work only of the highest quality. Grab us from the beginning and follow through. Engage us with your language and characters. A clean manuscript goes a long way toward acceptance. Stay true to your vision.