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Issue 6.2

 Special Section

Pocket Money – Troy Boucher

The Girl Who Cuts your Hair – Brett Hursey

Relativity – Brett Hursey

Our Lady of the Scorpions – Deidre Elliot


An Unexpected Show – Shirley Sullivan

The Native – Paul Weidknecht

Skin – Beth Keefauver

Imaginary Husbands – Linda Legters


Daedalus – Carl Auerbach

The Summer before the Revolution – Carl Auerbach

Nuclear Winter – L.D. Van Auken

Clockwise – Meredith Davies Hadaway

The importance of the Ordinary – Stephanie Mendel

Djembe – Camille Stranger

My Afternoon Nap – Marc Berman

He Came Home to Die – Michael Pearce

Creative Nonfiction

The Memoirist’s Xmas – Ben Leib

Generic Smoke – Mary Koral

Club Hubba Bubba – Kirby Wright

Midwestern Love Affair – Naomi Gordon-Loebl


Editor’s Note

The major venture of Pisgah Review is to find and publish the best of contemporary fiction by new and emerging writers as well as  new works by established authors.  However, sometimes an editor encounters work from the past, feeling keenly the quality of the story, poem, or piece of creative nonfiction, and the dust, unwarranted, that has accumulated and settled on “previously published” work. When such pieces are found, it is an editorial duty, a sacred one, to help breathe new life into such pieces and share them with a new generation of readers.

            Such is the mission of this issue. We are proud to highlight “old” work and bring it forth once more into the light of day.  The first piece came, again, to me in unearthing an anthology, Kansas Stories, created through a contest of native Kansas authors in 1989.  Troy Boucher’s “Pocket Money” was the winner, and I still remember hearing him read it at the release party.  From there came two poems from Brett Hursey, and last with a nonfiction piece by Deidre Elliot. 

            Below, we give credit where credit is due, listing the original publications that showcased these pieces, and for your convenience, we have printed them as our opening selections, followed again by the best of the new. So sit back, reflect, re-inspire, and re-engage.  As always, thanks to those who lend their time and talents, and to Brevard College, teaching, moving, and delighting students (as Sir Phillip Sydney would say) since 1853.

            The Editor


“Pocket Money” – Troy Boucher – Kansas Stories, 1989 and Last Kansas Exit

“The Girl Who Cuts Your Hair” – Brett Hursey – Black Warrior Review

“Relativity” – Brett Hursey – Nexus

“Our Lady of the Scoprions” – Deidre Elliott – first published in Petroglyph: Journal of Creative Natural History Writing #6