Pat McCutchion
Magali Cormier Michael

 Alex Myers

Liz Robbins

Amie Sharp Judy Sobeloff

David taber

Wendell Mayo

In this issue:

Tina Barr

Keith Buie

Lindsey Crittenden

A.D. Fallon

Linda Gillespie

Barbara Haas

Ken Haas

David Joy

Elizabeth Taryn Mason

Terry Minchow-Proffott

Editor’s Note

Long before the inception, let alone production, of Pisgah Review, I served on the editorial board of Cimarron Review, one of the “Fiction 50” that comprises the roots of the small literary journal historically and currently. Every other Friday at a minimum, I would take 10 to 20 story submissions from the coffers of CR’s office, and if the Oklahoma weather was nice, I would sit in my back yard on a lawn chair, pop open a Corona and read stories, rejecting most, but selecting the best and sending them on up the line to the next reader. Sometimes a story I picked was included, sometimes not, but I was always eager to read the ones that had made it, and CR made it easy, organizing each issue by placing all the fiction in the first section, the poetry in a second, and finally a section of creative nonfiction. By strange luck, our last issue of PR was organized this way, and it brought me back. So, in tribute to Cimarron Review and those readers out there who read literary journals by genre first, Pisgah Review reorganized. So pick what you crave and get your fill without interruption, courtesy of us, our literary predilections, and our roots.